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Autodesk Build Quick Start

Set your organization up for success

As part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), Autodesk Build enables teams to communicate more effectively, accelerate project delivery, reduce rework, and create repeatable processes and workflows that lead to continued success.

Our Quick Start provides you the advantage of the experience that CADD consultants have with implementing & adopting the latest technology. The Quick Start covers the essential tasks needed to bring project teams, departments and entire enterprises up and running quickly with Autodesk Build.

About our Autodesk Build Quick Start

Set your organization up for success from the beginning with our Autodesk Build Quick Start. The best way to benefit from everything that the ACC & Build have to offer is to configure and set up the software to match and enhance your current processes, and we can help you get there. The level of effort required can vary depending on the organization, and the answer to various questions: Who needs to have access? Where will each process be done? Where will our forms go?

What's Included

Service Activation and Account Configuration

  • Assistance with Construction Cloud Account activation and administrator assignment
  • Help assigning up to 12 users to Autodesk Build
  • Review administrative tasks and procedures
  • Learn how to configure and manage the product, tailored to your business needs

Virtual Education

  • 4 hours of consultant-led technical instruction and discussion
  • Includes an introduction to project administration, document management, essential Build features, and the Desktop Connector

Team Coaching

  • A series of meetings with a CADD consultant for hands-on support
  • Your team has the opportunity to collaboratively ask questions, discuss issues, and get to a solution faster with the aid of a consultant