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Customer Success

At CADD Microsystems, being laser-focused on the success of our customers is engrained in our culture

Each employee in every department has one common purpose to connect our customers with the right solutions, resources, and support to achieve their business objectives, while providing a delightful experience along the way.

We have spent more than 30 years creating lasting partnerships with our customers and the best software and service partners in the industry.

Our Customer Success team is always an important piece every solution we deliver. We are consistently engaging with you along your journey to provide guidance, resources, and results-oreinted programs. We connect you with resources to get your questions answered, help you implement new technologies seamlessly, and discover ways to optimize your current solutions along the way.


We take the time to understand what business outcomes you are prioritizing and any challenges you may face trying to achieve them. Together we determine how you can overcome those challenges and achieve your goals.

A dedicated Customer Success team

Our customer success team connects with you to make sure you have the resources and support to be successful at every stage of your business.

Programs designed for you

We understand where customers need support and the critical points of their journey with us, and continuously create programs to support our customers when it matters most.

A focus on collaboration

We work closely together at CADD across our services, technical support, sales and customers success teams to leverage each other’s specialties and strengths. This helps us deliver outcomes-focused solutions to our customers and in a more efficient way. We also collaborate closely with our customers and software partners, to ensure a 360 degree solution.

Dedicated technical support

Our CADD Care team is a critical part of ensuring our customers’ success. Our team is trained to help you with your technical issues, responding to you in a timely manner, and minimizing your downtime.

Building lifelong partnerships

We are so much more than a software company; we care about what is impacting you in the industry. We create opportunities through our BIMxt Network and other events to connect with you and learn what’s most important to you, the challenges you face, so we can help you transform your business through those challenges.

Resources at your fingertips

Our expert consulting team dedicates time to create webinars and blogs that introduce you to software, tools, and technical tips to help your team and keep you up to date on the state of the industry.

Have questions?

Reach out to our Customer Success team for answers.