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BIM Collaborate Pro Quick Start

Set your team up for success

Set yourself up for success from day one with our BIM Collaborate Pro Quick Start. You can choose either the Quick Start for Revit or Civil 3D. In both, we’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, such as improperly configured settings causing model access issues for your users, by ensuring the successful configuration and application of BIM Collaborate Pro to an initial project.

About our BIM Collaborate Pro Quick Start

Our expert consultants designed the quick start process to take the guess-work out of implementing and rolling out BIM Collaborate Pro, allowing you to achieve positive ROI and seamless productivity right out of the gate.

What's Included

Initial Setup

  • Activate the Autodesk Construction Cloud account & assign account admins
  • Assign up to 12 users to the BIM Collaborate Pro entitlement
  • Guide users through the installation of the Desktop Connector add-in
  • Assist with creating a new project, activating services and inviting team members

Virtual Education

  • A structured, 4-hour virtual lecture on general features and functions of BIM Collaborate Pro
  • Includes an introduction to Account and Project Admin, Document Management, and QA/QC review tools
  • Overview of Revit Cloud Worksharing or Civil 3D cloud workflow

Project Team Assistance

  • Customized, virtual coaching for your admins and/or users
  • Four hours, structured how you’d like: Q&A sessions, step-by-step procedures, best practices guidance, or software instruction

Success Management

  • Project Manager assigned to oversee Quick Start delivery
  • Delivery process designed to ensure expectations are aligned and next steps are clear, from project initiation through close