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Can't find your recently purchased Flex Tokens? Here's why!

Emily CanadaJanuary 8th, 2024

A new year means new processes! If you’ve recently purchased Flex Tokens and can’t seem to find them in your Subscriptions & Contracts in the Autodesk Account, it is because they must be assigned to a Team by the purchaser first. Autodesk has made it easier for admins to assign their purchased Flex Token contracts to their desired team. In the past, the Flex Token contract would be added automatically into a Team under the Primary Admin in the Autodesk Account.

Now, the purchaser of the Flex Tokens will receive a message on the home page of their Autodesk Account asking which team to assign the contract to. The admin will see the below message; all they need to do is Select the Team they want the contract to be under and select Assign.


Yes, it’s that easy! So the next time you’re not sure where your recently purchased Tokens are, check the homepage of your Autodesk Account for this message.

I’m looking forward to sharing more fun updates to the Autodesk Account with you in 2024!

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