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Bridge for Design Collaboration

Mike JeonJanuary 22nd, 2024

Happy 2024 everyone!

And it was almost to the day a year ago that I posted about this new feature called Bridge in the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

I offered some insight on how it potentially alleviated some of the concerns that users had with working on their models from someone else's ACC account hub. With Bridge, Autodesk provided a viable workflow for sharing models while enabling each project team member to have administrative control over their own data and keep it on their own account at project completion.

Later in May 2023, Bridge was integrated with Design Collaboration, bringing data autonomy to its controlled sharing workflows. Once Bridge is enabled, the process for copying models is the same as using Design Collaboration within the same project: 1) publish the model from Revit, 2) create a package in Design Collaboration, and 3) share the package which makes a copy of the model to the Shared folder. The copy is then synchronized to the Shared folder in the destination project, from which the model can be linked directly or further copied to the Consumed folder for linking.

In the Timeline of the destination project, you can clearly see the packages that are Bridged from the external team, as indicated by the "two arrows" icon.



And in the source project, it’s made clear which teams have been Bridged to another project.


Using this workflow doesn’t even require adding external members to each other’s projects, as Bridge will access the team’s Shared folder specified in the Design Collaboration settings.

Information how to enable Bridge can be found in the Help page for Autodesk Docs:

DOCS Help | About Bridge | Autodesk

Information on how to use Bridge for Design Collaboration can be found in the Help page for Design Collaboration:

COLLAB Help | Bridge for Design Collaboration | Autodesk

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