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Autodesk New Buying Experience Begins

Mike MottyJune 19th, 2024

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” – Robert C. Gallagher

There are many significant dates in the month of June. There is June 6, the anniversary of D-Day, and Flag Day is June 14. Today, I am going to talk about June 10, which is the day that Autodesk launched its new buying experience, which aims to improve customer experience by connecting customers, CADD and Autodesk in an automated buying process through the Autodesk Platform.

In the new buying experience, you will work with CADD Microsystems to determine your company needs (as you always have), and then CADD will create and send your quote through the Autodesk platform. So rather than receiving an email from CADD with your quote, you’ll receive the email from Autodesk. Once you have your quote, admins and purchasers can review and pay for new and renewal quotes directly in Autodesk Account.

We are here to partner with you to help you make the best buying decisions, be your Autodesk policy and procedure expert, provide you with resources, and connect you with experts to enable your teams. Here are the most important things to know right now about the new buying experience:

Setting Up Autodesk as a Vendor

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The first thing you may need to do is set up Autodesk as a vendor in your internal systems. Please reach out to your corporate procurement team and determine if this is required and refer to this how-to guide for setting up Autodesk as a vendor. If you find that you need additional support during your vendor set up, reach out to the CADD team.

Navigating Quotes and Subscriptions in the Autodesk Account

All purchasing is now completed in the Autodesk Account at Any person who wishes to view quotes must now have an Autodesk Account. Check out this video that covers the new process of how to purchase Flex and Subscriptions from a quote in your Autodesk Account: Purchase Flex and Subscription with a Quote

You will notice that there are new terms being used in the Autodesk Account. Some important ones to note are:

  • Autodesk contract numbers are now Subscription IDs. Subscription IDs were previously serial numbers in the account.
  • Contract Manager is now Purchaser
  • CADD is now listed as the Agent of Record rather than Reseller of Record in the account

Verify your Subscriptions After Purchase

Autodesk Account screenshot.png

Once your purchase is finalized, you’ll want to verify your subscriptions in your Autodesk Account. Your subscriptions should show on your home page where you can Assign Users or Access or install. If you don’t see your subscriptions in your Account, go to User Management > By Product, and select the dropdown at the top of the page to see if a new Team was created. If you find your subscriptions are on a different Team, contact your CADD team.

Turn off Auto-Renew

After each purchase, Autodesk automatically sets that subscription ID to auto-renew. We highly recommend that you turn off auto-renew to ensure that we can work with you at your next renewal to determine the best decision for your company.

Auto renewal screenshot.png

To turn off auto-renew for your subscription, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In Billing and Orders > Subscriptions and Contracts, select a product to open the subscription details. If you see a Manage button, follow the Change Renewal by Order Number steps.
  3. Scroll down to the Renewal Details section and click Turn Off for the Auto-Renew setting.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the change.

Book an Admin Onboarding Call to Get Started

Admins can take advantage of our onboarding calls to remove the guesswork of managing a new product and get started right away. In addition to product-specific onboarding, we also offer a general Autodesk Account Onboarding, which is helps admins understand user and subscription management and reporting in the Autodesk Account, particularly with the new features of the new buying experience. Learn more about CADD Onboarding Offerings.

Ensure User Adoption

You now have powerful software, make sure your users know how to get the most out of it. Whether your users are brand new or advanced, we offer live and on-demand training options to ensure they have the knowledge of how to leverage their tools. Check out available CADD training offerings

Stay in the Know

The new buying experience with Autodesk is just one recent change in our industry. Our account and software experts are always keeping our customers in the know of changes that affect their organizations. Follow us on LinkedIn where we post important new blogs, featured webinars and the most important updates in the design industry.

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